SABEEN+IMRAN - 07.04.09

  SHARON+TREVOR - 06.28.09

Last year while photographing Marcela + Ronen's wedding, Ronen's little sister pulled me off to the side and said something along the lines of "Don't say anything to my brother because I don't want to take anything away from his big day and all but I have to book you guys right now."

Shu Shu and Trevor fear no thunderstorm, believe that ties are optional and can bust a move like no other.

I told you so.

  GORDANA+MIKI - 06.27.09

  CARMYN+JAMES - 06.06.09

Like James mother Barbara said in her speech, today we celebrated a "last" For the past three years we have been flying out to Winnipeg to document each Campbell wedding, so it has sort of become a tradition. In the fall of 07 we flew out to document the first brother, Scott to his beautiful wife Melinda, the spring of 08 for the second Murray and his hilarious wife Darcie and now today, the summer of 09 for James and his dear sweet wife Carmyn. Throughout these three years we have had a chance to REALLY get to know the Campbells and watch their family grow. We are honoured that they invited us back every year to share it with us, so for that we say thank you.


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