LISA + RAPHAEL - 11.29.09

As told by Raphael in an email to share their story with friends.

"Her name is Lisa. We first met in 9th Grade in Mississauga. We had one class together, my very first class of high school which was french class. I don't think we knew each other very long but somehow we started dating. We basically skipped the friendship part and went right to going out. This lasted for a total of two ended with Lisa breaking up with me two days before Valentines day. Now between that break up (Feb 12 1996) and my proposal (Aug 11th 2008) there was a long friendship in-between.

I moved to Rochester for my last two years of high school in 1998. We kept in touch with hand written letters (not everyone had internet back then) and some phone calls. I moved to Toronto for engineering in 2000. I sent her two sentence e-mails on her birthday for about four years (she also went to U of T for engineering in 2001) and we talked maybe a handful of times, despite the fact that we both lived in Victoria college. In 2004, the day before i leave to medical school, we talk about our feelings for each other. The exact conversation is still under debate but the general consensus is that we decided that "a long distance relationship" is not something either of us were
looking for. Although this was what was said, I think we both felt the exact opposite. *sigh* We again keep in touch with e-mail and one phone call and one postcard between 2006 and 2008 while I'm in Grenada. In May of 2008 I move to Detroit, Michigan.

On June 25 2008, Kerry Tang decides to send me an e-mail asking me how things are going in the "relationship department". I rarely talk about my relationship department but for some reason I respond by telling her that I have been thinking a lot about this girl named Lisa and that I was thinking of giving her a call to tell her how I feel...

I decide to make a call to Lisa on July 23rd. I told her that I have had feelings for her for basically the past 12 years and that I didn't care what was going on in her life or how she felt about me ( I honestly didn't know) but I needed to tell her. I really didn't care how she was going to respond, either way it was to the point where I just needed to say something. During this conversation, I think she is in shock. I spontaneously decide that I needed to see her and promise that I would drive up to Toronto and see her (I had not seen her in 2 years)

Two days later I rent a car and drive to Toronto on July 25th. We talk a lot, I kiss her for the first time on July 27th and I leave back for Detroit the same day. We talk on the phone everyday for two weeks. She comes down to Detroit on August 9th to visit me. On Monday morning August 11th, just as I am about to leave to the hospital for my 7am start, I get down on one knee and propose with my iron ring. I didn't plan it this way, you don't get to choose who you fall in love with. The timing has never been good for us, we are never in the same place at the same time but all I know is that I could not be happier.

In less than one week, on August 28th, Lisa will be leaving for London, England and will be living in England for the next 2 years."

Lisa only ended up living in the UK for one year and returned to Toronto where the two got married. In an email to me today, Lisa told me that Rapheal will be moving to Florida in July 2011 and their "dilemma of never being in the same place at the same time continues."

I guess it really is like they say. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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Kids are deal makers. Sometimes there are sacrifices to be made in order to have them agree to sit still for a few minutes.

These are our friends, The McPhedrans. They own an AMAZING boutique on Queen Street West called Greenshag. If you are a groom in the making, please pay them a visit.

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